2015 Temkin Customer Service Ratings

Rating Company Industry Temkin Customer Service Ratings (TCSR) Company TCSR vs Industry TCSR
1USAA Bank79%19
2Chick-fil-A Fast food75%16
3A credit union Bank74%15
3Aldi Supermarket74%9
3Trader Joe's Supermarket74%9
6USAA Insurance73%16
6Publix Supermarket73%8
8USAA Credit cards72%17
9Panera Bread Fast food71%13
11Amazon.com Retailer70%9
12Bed Bath & Beyond Retailer69%8
13Lexus Auto dealer68%15
13eBay Retailer68%7
13Costco Retailer68%7
13JCPenney Retailer68%7
13Home Depot Retailer68%7
18Regions Bank67%8
18SunTrust Bank Bank67%7
18Lowe's Retailer67%7
18O'Reilly Auto Parts Retailer67%7
18Whole Foods Supermarket67%2
23JetBlue Airlines Airline66%17
23Marriott Hotel66%13
23Amazon Computers66%12
23Fidelity Investments Investments66%10
23Sam's Club Retailer66%6
23QVC Retailer66%6
23PetSmart Retailer66%6
23AutoZone Retailer66%5
23Kroger Supermarket66%1
23Food Lion Supermarket66%1
33Rite Aid Retailer65%5
33Barnes & Noble Retailer65%5
35Residence Inn Hotel64%10
35Capital One 360 Bank64%4
35Walgreens Retailer64%4
35Marshalls Retailer64%3
35Wegmans Supermarket64%-1
40Apple Computers63%9
40Dunkin' Donuts Fast food63%5
40Dairy Queen Fast food63%5
40Sonic Drive-In Fast food63%4
40Chase Bank63%3
45Southwest Airlines Airline62%12
45Hilton Hotel62%8
45American Express Credit cards62%7
45State Farm Insurance62%6
45Papa John's Fast food62%4
45TD Bank Bank62%2
45PNC Bank62%2
45Ace Hardware Retailer62%2
45Advance Auto Parts Retailer62%1
45Apple Retail Store Retailer62%1
45Hy-Vee Supermarket62%-3
45Giant Eagle Supermarket62%-3
45ShopRite Supermarket62%-3
58Georgia Power Utility61%17
58Courtyard By Marriott Hotel61%8
58Starbucks Fast food61%3
58Panda Express Fast food61%3
58Family Dollar Retailer61%1
58Victoria Secret Retailer61%0
64Southern California Gas Company Utility60%16
64Sheraton Hotel60%7
64A credit union Investments60%5
64AAA Insurance60%3
64GEICO Insurance60%3
64Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Fast food60%1
64T.J. Maxx Retailer60%-1
64Dollar General Retailer60%-1
72Toyota Auto dealer59%6
72Holiday Inn Hotel59%6
72Discover Credit cards59%4
72Charles Schwab Investments59%3
72Hardees Fast food59%0
72U.S. Bank Bank59%-1
72Albertsons Supermarket59%-6
72Stop & Shop Supermarket59%-6
80TriCare Health plan58%18
80National Car rentals58%9
80Hyatt Hotel58%4
80Capital One Credit cards58%3
80Ameriprise Financial Investments58%2
80The Hartford Insurance58%2
80Taco Bell Fast food58%0
80Chipotle Mexican Grill Fast food58%0
80Arby's Fast food58%-1
80Pizza Hut Fast food58%-1
80Domino's Fast food58%-1
80Ross Retailer58%-2
80Macy's Retailer58%-2
80GameStop Retailer58%-2
80CVS Retailer58%-2
80Staples Retailer58%-3
80Toys 'R' Us Retailer58%-3
97Sony Software57%10
97Apple Software57%9
97Enterprise Car rentals57%8
97Mazda Auto dealer57%5
97Holiday Inn Express Hotel57%4
97Doubletree Hotel57%3
97U.S. Bank Credit cards57%2
97Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Investments57%1
97Kohl's Retailer57%-3
97Dollar Tree Retailer57%-3
97Target Retailer57%-3
97BJ's Wholesale Club Retailer57%-4
97OfficeMax Retailer57%-4
110ACE Rent A Car Car rentals56%7
110Delta Airlines Airline56%6
110Nissan Auto dealer56%4
110Honda Auto dealer56%3
110Hampton Inn Hotel56%2
110UPS Parcel delivery56%1
110Vanguard Investments56%1
110Progressive Insurance56%0
110Wendy's Fast food56%-3
110Bank of America Bank56%-3
110Capital One Bank56%-4
1107-Eleven Retailer56%-4
122BMW Auto dealer55%2
122U.S. Postal Service Parcel delivery55%1
122Hewlett-Packard Computers55%1
122Scottrade Investments55%-1
122Merrill Lynch Investments55%-1
122Allstate Insurance55%-1
122American Family Insurance55%-2
122KFC Fast food55%-3
122Best Buy Retailer55%-5
122Office Depot Retailer55%-5
122Kmart Retailer55%-6
122Safeway Supermarket55%-10
134Alaska Airlines Airline54%4
134Kenmore Appliances54%4
134Virgin America Airline54%4
134Dodge Auto dealer54%1
134Mercedes-Benz Auto dealer54%1
134Toshiba Computers54%0
134Little Caesar's Fast food54%-4
134Subway Fast food54%-5
134Citizens Bank54%-6
143Samsung Appliances53%4
143Cadillac Auto dealer53%0
143Volkswagen Auto dealer53%0
143Citigroup Credit cards53%-1
143FedEx Parcel delivery53%-1
143Travelers Insurance53%-4
143McDonalds Fast food53%-6
150Humana Health plan52%12
150Subaru Auto dealer52%0
150Buick Auto dealer52%-1
150Ford Auto dealer52%-1
150Kia Auto dealer52%-1
150Sony Computers52%-1
150Barnes & Noble Computers52%-2
150Fairfield Inn Hotel52%-2
150Bank of America Credit cards52%-3
150Capital One 360 Investments52%-3
150True Value Retailer52%-8
150Wal-Mart Retailer52%-9
150Bi-Lo Supermarket52%-13
163Kaiser Permanente Health plan51%11
163Alamo Car rentals51%2
163Advantage Rent-A-Car Car rentals51%2
163Embassy Suites Hotel51%-3
163Chase Credit cards51%-3
163Edward Jones Investments51%-4
163Wells Fargo Advisors Investments51%-5
163Wells Fargo Bank51%-8
163Gap Retailer51%-10
172Virgin Mobile Wireless50%8
172MetroPCS Wireless50%7
172Activision Software50%3
172Google Software50%2
172Bosch Appliances50%0
172Whirlpool Appliances50%0
172GM Auto dealer50%-3
172Best Western Hotel50%-3
172Westin Hotel50%-4
172Quality Inn Hotel50%-4
172Barclaycard Credit cards50%-5
172E*TRADE Investments50%-6
172Nationwide Insurance50%-7
185T-Mobile Wireless49%7
185Symantec Software49%2
185LG Appliances49%-1
185Wells Fargo Credit cards49%-6
185MetLife Insurance49%-8
185Burger King Fast food49%-10
185Old Navy Retailer49%-12
192Florida Power & Light Utility48%4
192Southern California Edison Utility48%4
192Electrolux Appliances48%-1
192Toshiba Appliances48%-1
192Chevrolet Auto dealer48%-4
192Hyundai Auto dealer48%-5
192Audi Auto dealer48%-5
192Super 8 Hotel48%-6
200Lenovo Computers47%-6
200Comfort Inn Hotel47%-7
200Farmers Insurance47%-9
200Liberty Mutual Insurance47%-10
200Jack in the Box Fast food47%-12
200Citibank Bank47%-13
206Pacific Gas and Electric Company Utility46%2
206McAfee Software46%-1
206Budget Car rentals46%-2
206Chrysler Auto dealer46%-6
206Ramada Inn Hotel46%-8
206Acer Computers46%-8
212DirecTV TV service45%14
212United Healthcare Health plan45%4
212AirTran Airways Airline45%-4
212La Quinta Inn Hotel45%-8
212DHL Parcel delivery45%-10
212TD Ameritrade Investments45%-10
21221st Century Insurance45%-11
212Sears Retailer45%-16
220Microsoft Software44%-3
220Fujitsu Appliances44%-5
220Asus Computers44%-10
220PNC Credit cards44%-10
220RadioShack Retailer44%-17
225Medicaid Health plan43%3
225Medicare Health plan43%3
225PSE&G; Utility43%-1
225Intuit Software43%-5
225Avis Car rentals43%-6
225Days Inn Hotel43%-10
225Crowne Plaza Hotel43%-10
225Dell Computers43%-11
225BB&T; Bank43%-17
234BCBS of Michigan Health plan42%2
234TracFone Wireless42%0
234Hertz Car rentals42%-7
234US Airways Airline42%-7
234American Airlines Airline42%-8
239AT&T; Wireless41%-1
239Adobe Software41%-7
239Fox Rent A Car Car rentals41%-8
239Hitachi Appliances41%-8
243Verizon Wireless Wireless40%-2
243Haier Appliances40%-9
243Motel 6 Hotel40%-14
246AOL Internet service39%9
246Cablevision Optimum TV service39%8
246Verizon TV service39%7
246Dollar Car rentals39%-10
246HSBC Credit cards39%-16
251Charter Communications Internet service38%8
251Dish Network TV service38%6
251AT&T; TV service38%6
251Duke Energy Progress Utility38%-6
251Jeep Auto dealer38%-14
256Blue Shield of California Health plan37%-3
256Blue Cross Blue Shield plan not listed aboveHealth plan37%-3
256Spirit Airlines Airline37%-13
259Verizon Internet service36%6
259AT&T; Internet service36%5
261Aetna Health plan35%-5
262Bright House Networks TV service34%2
262Anthem Health plan34%-6
262Sprint Wireless34%-8
262Commonwealth Edison Utility34%-10
262United Airlines Airline34%-16
267CIGNA Health plan33%-7
268CenturyLink Internet service32%2
269Cox Communications Internet service30%0
270Frontier Internet service29%-1
270Time Warner Cable Internet service29%-2
272Time Warner Cable TV service27%-5
272Blackboard Software27%-20
274Charter Communications TV service25%-6
275Cox Communications TV service24%-8
276Consolidated Edison Company of New York Utility22%-22
277Comcast Internet service17%-14
277Comcast TV service17%-14

Calculating the Temkin Customer Service Ratings

The Temkin Customer Service Ratings are based on feedback gathered from consumers regarding companies they've recently interacted with. We asked consumers to rate how satisfied they are with with recent customer service experiences on a 7-point scale, from (1) Very dissatisfied to (7) Very satisfied. We take the percentage of consumers that gave a rating of 6 or 7 and subtract the percentage that gave a rating of 1, 2, or 3. For more information, see the Temkin Customer Service Ratings Overview.